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EIA of Khartoum Refinery, Sudan

Environmental Impact Assessments

We carry out Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) in Oman, the Middle East and Africa. We also do components of EIAs, such as the following:

  • Assistance with online registration with Ministry of Environment Oman

  • Completion of Green Forms

  • Screening Reports

  • Scoping Reports

  • Environmental Statements (ES)

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Legal surveys

  • Environmental Management Plans

  • Environmental Impact Study

  • Environment Improvement Plans (EIP)

  • Stakeholder surveys

  • Ecological Surveys

  • Air Quality Surveys

  • Soil Surveys

  • Completion of GHG Forms according to MECA and IPCC guidelines

  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

  • Environmental Review (ER)

  • Waste Management

  • Conformation with IPPC, Seveso II and Best Available Technique (BAT)

  • Archaeological and cultural surveys

Environmental Impact Assessments are carried out according to national government legal standards and/or to IFC/worldbank or any other standards, such as internal corporate standards. The outcome of the EIA process is the Environmental Impact Report. 

Note that within Sohar Free Zone (SFZ) and Sohar Port there are a range of Guidance Notes that need to be followed in addition to national legislation.  The hierarchy of legislation is as follows:

  1. Royal Decree (RD)

  2. Environmental permit

  3. Permit correspondence

  4. MECA/SEU Guidance Notes and BAT conclusions

  5. Ministerial Decision (MD)

  6. Permit Application Documents, such as the Green Form, EIA Document, EMP etc. 

In Oman, an EIA cannot be submitted without a krookie (land ownership document),or rental document if you are going to establish operations within an Industrial Estate. Also, in accordance with Article 9 of Royal Decree 114/2001 Issuing the law on conservation of the environment and prevention of pollution.."No establishment of any source or area of work shall be started before obtaining an environmental permit confirming its environmental soundness". 

The procedure to obtain Initial Environmental Permit (IEP) is as follows:


  1. Submission of EIA report (three copies) with green form to MECA (Planning Dept.)

  2. Planning Dept. will distribute a copy of the EIA report to each of the following Departments:

    • Climate Affairs Dept.,

    • Inspection Dept.

    • Nature Conservation Dept.

    • Other Department as relevant, e.g. Marine Department for marine projects, Radiation Department  etc

  3. Each of these Depts. will study/review the EIA report and they will pass their comments/feedbacks (if any) to Planning Dept.

  4. Planning Dept. will study/review EIA report and other Deps. comments/feedback and they will prepare official letter to consultant to edit/incorporate/explain all  MECA Depts. comments/feedback.

  5. The consultant will responds to all comments in official letter (client will be updated) and will submit it again to Planning Dept. then Planning Dept. will decide if they want more details/clarification. If not, they will start to issue IEP

  6. If no comments/feedback from MECA's Depts., Planning Dept. will start the procedure of issuance IEP directly.


The procedure of issuance of an  IEP:

  1. Permits section in Planning Dept will prepare/type IEP conditions and Requirements,

  2. Pay of IEP' fees

  3. IEP will pass for planning Dept.' General Director to final signature.

  4. Collect IEP from Planning Dept.

For more more information on the EIA permitting process, see the following article on the Environmental Permit Process and EIA in the Sultanate of Oman

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