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Truck mounted Thermo Fisher AAQMS

Stationary/ Point Source Emission

​AETS uses local as well as intenrational methods/ guidelines to measure the following:

  • Stack emissions monitoring

    • Dioxins and furans (USEPA Method 23)

    • Metals (USEPA Method 29)

    • PM (USEPA Method 1 to 5)

    • Halides: HCl, HF, HBr, Cl2, Br2 (USEPA Method 26a)

    • O2,CO,NO/NOx,NO2,SO2, & VOC Sensors NDIR Bench (CO2,CxHy,CO high)

    • Pollution control equipment

      • Bag filters

      • Scrubbers

      • Efficiency

Refer below link for US EPA Method and Guidelines for above stationary point source emission measurements/ monitoring.

Air Quality Monitoring

We carry out a range of Air Quality Monitoring services.These include the following:

  • Air quality monitoring of pollutants using mobile Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (AAQMS)

  • Isokinetic sampling using APEX autokinetic sampler

  • Odour measurements using an Olfactometer

  • Dust surveys

  • Long-term pollutant monitoring using Diffusion Tubes

  • Emissions from vehicles and DG sets

  • Noise measurements

  • Personal pollution monitoring for occupational health & safety

  • CEMS verification

  • Radiation surveys

  • Vibration surveys from blasting

  • Consulting on air pollution reduction measures

  • Analysis of metals in stacks

  • Air Pollution Modelling

  • Light (LUX) and oxygen measurements

  • High Volume air sampler

    • SPM

    • PM10

We compare air quality against US EPA National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) or any other standard required by our clients. 

Our Flue gas analyzer is designed especially for point source emission measurements to carrying out adjustments as well as making long-term measurements and inspections on boilers, furnaces, burners and heating equipment.

The  Flue Gas Analyser is equipped with multi-probes to measure stack emissions in compliance with USEPA Method 2 & USEPA Method 4 for gases and USEPA Method 5 for  particulate matter. 

In addition to this reference methods (RMs) 1&3 are employed to obtain flow and molecular weight from oxygen and carbon dioxide measurements using a Portable Multi-Gas Stack Analyzer.  During the sampling, all sample containers are properly marked and stored until performing the analysis at laboratory.  Final analysis is carried out by ALSAFA ETS.

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