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We perform waste management plans for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste

Waste Management

Alsafa ETS offers waste management services including hazardous waste management and non-hazardous waste management. We are the first company in Oman to work for the National Waste Management Project through preparing technical specifications and tender documents for the first sanitary landfill in the country. The project involved the following:

  • Baseline Data Validation 

  • Identification of Potential Bidders and Bidder Prequalification 

  • Project Competition and Negotiation 

  • Preparation of Technical Specifications and Tender Documents 

  • Technology Transfer

In addition we carry out the following services in relation to waste management:

  • Waste audit

  • Classification of waste according to MECA laws on hazardous (MD 17/93) or non-hazardous waste (MD 18/93), US EPA Extremely Hazardous Substances, and Substance of Very High Concern issued by the EU

  • Obtaining chemicals permit from MECA according to MD 248/97

  • Consulting on how to dispose of or recycle waste

  • Obtaining a permit on the storage of chemical

  • Advice on storage of waste and chemicals

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