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Join our tour to see what marine services we offer


Our marine specialists offer the following expertise:


  • Coral status 

  • Algae community 

  • Seawater and sediment quality 

  • Marine ecology

  • Turtle surveys

  • Assessment benthic microfauna

  • Identification of fish, coral and benthic species from photographs and videos

  • Underwater photography

  • Habitat/ecosystem mapping

  • Marine geology: Sediment analyses & bathymetric studies

  • Physical oceanography studies (CTD profiles, currents, tides, wavesydrodynamics and sediment transport modelling)

  • Chemical oceanography (Seawater quality: nutrients, biochemical parameters, metals and hydrocarbons)

  • Biological oceanography/marine ecology: species, populations, ecosystem assessment, rehabilitation & management

  • Taxonomic identification (supralittoral, intertidal and sublittoral (benthic plankton, pelagic, neritic & oceanic))

  • Conservation Status: Endangered species, highly migratory species, management, impact assessment & mitigation measures

  • Impacts of land-based and sea-based activities and coastal development

  • Toxicity and bioaccumulation modelling

  • Modelling of effluents discharge to the marine environment (hydrodynamic & dilution/dispersion modelling)

Click the link to see examples of marine films taken by our diving team. 

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